Panasonic Inverter Multi Split 2 System 1 (CU-2S18KKZ / CS-S9PKZWx2)

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In the Pursuit of Eco Clean Life Innovation

Living an eco lifestyle doesn't mean you need to compromise on comfort. With inverter, you can still enjoy refreshingly cool air while reducing energy consumption by half. To further detect and reduce waste, now there is ECONAVI to give you even more energy savings. And, for a cleaner living environmentm there is new nanoe-G that helps purify the air as well as our surroundings. Together, these breakthrough technologies define what Panasonic's Eco Clean Life Innovation is all about - innovations that improve our environment while making life as comfortable as possible.


ECONAVI features intelligent Human Activity Sensor and new Sunlight technologies that can detect and reduce waste by optimising air conditioner operation according to room conditions. With just one touch of a button, you can save energy effectively with uninterrupted cooling, comfort and convenience.

ECONAVI with intelligent eco sensors now has 4 abilities to detect and reduce energy waste. You can now enjoy a higher maximum energy savings of up to 35%*.

  • Sunlight Detection - ECONAVI detects changes in sunlight intensity in the room and judges whether it is sunny or cloudy/night and reduces the waste of cooling under less sunlight conditions.
  • Area Search - ECONAVI detects human movements and reduces the waste of cooling the unoccupied area of the room.
  • Activity Detection - ECONAVI detects changes in activity levels and reduces the waste of cooling with unnecessary power.
  • Absence Detection - ECONAVI detects human absence in the room and reduces the waste of cooling an empty room.


Panasonic Inverter air conditioners are designed to give you the exceptional energy savings performance while ensuring you stay comfortable at all times. At the start up of an air conditioner’s operation, powerful cooling is required to reach the set temperature. After the set temperature is reached, less cooling power is required to maintain it. A conventional non-Inverter air conditioner can only operate at a constant speed which is too powerful to maintain the set temperature. Thus, in attempting to achieve this, it switches the compressor ON and OFF repeatedly. This results in wider temperature fluctuations leading to wasteful consumption of energy. The Panasonic Inverter air conditioner varies the rotation speed of the compressor. This provides a highly precise method of maintaining the set temperature. Unlike a conventional non-Inverter air conditioner which consumes a lot of energy, Panasonic Inverter air conditioner reduces wasteful cooling operation - giving you energy savings of up to 50%*.

Precise temperature control with a wide power output range enables an inverter air conditioner to meet different room occupancy levels – thus ensuring constant comfort.

Panasonic Inverter air conditioners can operate with higher cooling power during the start up period to cool the room 1.5 times faster than non-Inverter models.


Panasonic air conditioners now come with a new air purifying system called nanoe-G which utilises nano technology fine particles consisting of ions and radicals to purify the air in the room. It works effectively on airborne and adhesive micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould thus ensuring a cleaner living environment.

nanoe-G is able to remove 99%*¹ of bacteria, viruses and mould in the air

nanoe-G is able to deactivate 99%*² of adhesive micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and inhibits mould growth on surfaces and fabrics.

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