Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Inverter Multi Split 2 System 3 (SCM60ZJS / SRK25ZJSx2)

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High Performance Air-Conditioning

Quick & High Efficiency Control

An inverter driven system has a number of performance advantages over a constant speed system. Its variable compressor outputs can ensure quick heating after a startup and attain a set temperature more quickly. Then, the air conditioner can slow down its compressor speed to save energy, keeping comfortable conditions. Moreover, the compressor is DC driven, so it provides higher performance.

New Inverter Control (Vector control)

New Inverter Control has applied new advanced technology of Vector control and has realized high efficiency. Smooth operation from low speed to high speed. Smooth Sine Voltage Wave form are attained. Energy efficiency is further improved in low speed range.

Natural Enzyme Filter

Sure to destroy fungi and bacteria, also effective on viruses and allergenic compounds (Cat hair, dust mite, pollen etc.)

The first release in this range of the enzyme-sterilizing filter. Enzymes used in these filters are naturally occuring lytic enzymes. The lytic enzymes attack cell walls of microorganisms trapped on a filter and destroy them and doing so, has a powerful sterilizing which will effect decrease the number of molds and bacteria. Natural Enzyme Filter will clean and sanitize air passing through it to keep air in the room clean and safe.

Wide Operation Range

Heating and cooling operations are possible at outdoor temperature as low as -15C. Our new advanced technology has expanded the heating and cooling operation range. This permits installation of the units considering a heating and cooling operation under a low temperature condition down to -15C.

Quite Operation

High quality air long reach and silent flow. This is the secret or quite operation. In addition to a jet airflow system delivering uniform winds to every corner, it has an optimized serration stabilizer configuration, which ensures smooth wind flow. It maked it possible to lower operation noises further by minimizing the interaction between wind flows and the fan.

Three Sensors

Control of room temperature and humidity is very important for people live a comfortable life. Use of three sensors to control indoor temperature, indoor humidity and outdoor temperature enable unit to obtain optimum air-conditioning.

Washable Filter and Easy Cleaning of Air Inlet Panel

Removing air filter is quite easy. Keeping air filter clean is effective way to save energy and to keep the original powerful performance. Air inlet panel is also removable and can be cleaned easily.

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